Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking for Writers: Be a Broke Student Guide for your campus!

So, I'm graduating in 2 weeks. Officially, I won't be a Broke Student anymore. And although I will still update and continue the blog, what I'd really like to do is take on some Broke Student Guides from other campuses to represent their universities while providing meaningful content for the blog that is relevant and useful for the blog's readership. Sound like something you might be able to do? Read on...

As a Broke Student Guide, you'll be representing your university and informing your peers about the best free stuff on your campus. You'll walk around campus and scout out freebies, post about free events, opportunities and more at your campus, and promote the blog at your school. You'll be gaining experience in blogging, social networking, writing, and marketing. You'll get an awesome, stand-out opportunity on your resume (Heck, you could even call it an internship. Plus, you'll get a kickass reference from me if you ever need one!) and a chance to help the blog grow and be a part of its success. As for what's in it for you (um, hello, resume builder??! That's not enough for you??) well, let's just say that the more high-quality entries appear on the blog, the more readers we get, and the more advertisers want to spend money to advertise on the blog. So I can probably toss a couple bucks your way every so often, and as we grow the blog, that will (hopefully) increase. Also, if you discover a good paid-to site or a site that rewards you for referrals, your referral  link will be featured in the blog, which can generate lots of rewards! Ultimately, my goal is to get the blog on it's own domain and have it updated solely by interns, kind of like College Fashionista! So think of it as helping out a startup in its early stages of producing revenue.

If any of the following describes you: literate, great at writing helpful and also humorous things, obsessed with saving money and getting free stuff, in college, and someone who would enjoy writing a few entries a month from the comfort of your own home (in your pajamas, at 3am, you know - whatever), please apply! Just send the following to lia(dot)saunders(at)gmail(dot)com:

  1. A writing sample: an example of a blog entry that fits with the content of the Broke Student's Guide, using any category of your choice (see the tags for ideas). Be creative: you can write about anything under the sun as long as it would fit with the theme of the blog (which is helping busy college students save money, essentially.) Feel free to browse through the blog to get a feel for the content and voice of the BSG. If you want to write an entry without links or references, that is fine (those take the most time to find!) I'm just looking to get a feel for your voice and writing style.
  2. A brief statement about why you want to be a BSG, why you'd be the best BSG ever and what you bring to the table, including what kinds of posts you think you'd be the best at writing. Maybe you'd be best at how-tos, maybe you're super pro at finding freebies online, maybe you're awesome at frugal cooking? Maybe all of the things!?
  3. A little bit about you - could be a resume, or just let me know what school you go to, your major, year you graduate, if you've had any similar experience, etc.

I'm also looking for anyone who would like to take charge of marketing, promotion and social networking for the blog. This would entail regularly updating my facebook, twitter, tumblr and any other forms of social media to engage the readership and gain new followers. If that sounds like your thing, email   lia(dot)saunders(at)gmail(dot)com  with a copy of your resume and a brief explanation of why you'd be the best marketer for the BSG ever, and any samples of social networking and promotion you've got.

Hope to hear from you soon! Please send me an email if you've got any questions.

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