Friday, April 29, 2011

Freebies I've received lately!

Here are some of the freebies I've received lately! Pictured here are:

- Tangled Disney free tote bag from Earth Day (my boyfriend got a Mickey Mouse one!)

-Free Origins cleanser from Earth Day

-Free Too Faced palette from Sephora, it's a Beauty Insider VIB 500 point perk!
This one took me YEARS of gift cards to finally earn, but it's SO worth it!)

-Free Beauty Bag from Target with Fredrick Fekkai shampoo/conditioner sample, Nivea lotion bottle, Pantene shampoo bottle, full-sized Neutrogena lip balm, and Revlon lipstick sample.

- 2 free comic books from Free Comic Book day last year! This year's Free Comic Book day is coming up on May 7th!

-Cup, cupholder, mints and pen from a free career day event. Remember that career days and job fairs are not only crucial for your future career, but they are PACKED with freebies and goodies from all kinds of companies! I have an endless supply of plastic cups, pens and stress balls thanks to them.

-Free Hallmark cards from a free career day event. Sometimes they do give out actual products at career days/fairs; I've gotten a few from Hallmark and Proctor & Gamble.

-Free Bath & Body Works Into the Wild lotion and travel-sized Signature Item lotion (free with purchase using coupon)

-Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume Sample

Whew! What have you recieved lately? Take some pics and post 'em up! You can find more pictures of my freebie scores at the Broke Student Guide facebok page.

Also, I've added a tag called "My Freebie Scores" that references posts with pictures of the freebies I've gotten, in case anyone is interested!

Freebies and Deals of the Week!

Springtime is finally starting to creep up on us here in Kansas City. (For those of you who noticed, yes, I was in Florida last month. If you are at all curious, I was participating in the Walt Disney World College Internship Program. It was awesome, I highly recommend it - please feel free to email me if you want more information about it! Now I'm in Kansas City for the summer. Anyway, back to the blog). Now that you know all about me/my life/my choices, let's get on to those freebies, shall we?

Today Only! FREE can of Fancy Feast cat food at PetCo with coupon. Click Here

Free Sample of John Frieda Root Awakening! Click Here

Free sample of Play Lubricant! Awww yeahhhhhhh Click Here

Free sample of Playtex Sport Tampons! Click Here

Free Comic Book Day is May 7, 2011! Click Here to read more about it.

Free Sample of Fiber Choice nutritional supplements! Click Here

Sign-up for Del Taco’s Raving Fan EClub and get a sign-up reward of two free Del Taco chicken soft tacos. Click Here to Sign Up

Free sample of Purex Detergent with Stain Remover! Click Here

Free sample-sized Aveda Aftershave for men! Printable Coupon

Free travel-sized Aveda hand lotion! Printable Coupon

Free 3-piece Aveda Smooth Infusion haircare sample pack! Printable Coupon

Free Bare Escentuals free trial sample kit from Sephora inside JC Penney! Printable Coupon

Free Dream Angels Heavenely perfume from Victoria's Secret! Printable Coupon

In-Store Deals and Coupons

Use this Bath&Body Works coupon to get a FREE travel sized item with any purchase. Try buying the new Into the Wild trial size lotions near the register - they are only $1! You'll get $5 worth of FREE product for $1. Click Here for Coupon

Use THIS Bath&Body Works coupon to get a free Royal Wedding item! Again, try buying those $1 items to get the best deal. Click Here

Hobby Lobby: 40% off One Regular Priced Item through 4/30/2011 Click Here

Michael’s: 20% off Entire Purchase (Including Sale Items) through 4/30/2011 Click Here

JC Penney: $10 off a purchase of $25 or more through 4/30/11 Click Here

Rue 21: 40% off your entire purchase on 4/30/11 ONLY Click Here

Gap and Banana Republic Outlet Stores: 30% off your entire purchase on 4/30/11 ONLY Click Here

Famous Footwear: 30% off entire purchase through 5/1/11 Click Here

Aeropostale: 25% off entire purchase through 5/1/11 Click Here

Aerie: $10 off your entire purchase (making anything less than $10 FREE!) Through 5/1/11 Click Here

New York & Company: $40 off a $100 purchase. Through 5/2/11 Click Here

Macy's: 25% off regular, sale and clearance items through 5/2/11 Click Here

Ulta: $5 off a $10 purchase! through 5/21/11 Click Here

Yankee Candle: Save $10 on a purchase of $25 or more! Through 5/29/2011 Click Here get $25 coupons for $2 each! Use code "BONUS" at checkout to get 80% off all of your coupons. Click Here

Borders: 50% off any one item! Through 5/7/11. Click Here

Kohl's: 20% off a $100 purchase or 15% off any purchase. Through 5/3/11. Click Here

Payless Shoes: 20% off your purchase. Click Here

Victoria's Secret: Free Lip Gloss with any in-store purchase! Click Here

Friday, April 22, 2011

Links to Other Sites: Some Light Reading for your Saturday

It seems selfish not to share with my readers the source of much of my "insider knowledge" when it comes to free stuff and saving money. Of course, it's much EASIER to let me do the work of sifting through hundreds of blogs and google searches to find you to best information. But just in case, here are some of my favorite sites for referencing the best deals, coupons and freebies:

I also find a lot of really good articles on the internet! Here are a few gems:

College Student's Guide to Making Money Online
How to Save Money Using Your College Student ID Card
Student Discounts: Save By Using Your College ID
How to not buy anything ever again

That should cover it. Now you have all weekend to study something other than what you're supposed to be studying this weekend! Yay!!

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! So go turn off some lights, recycle some of those empty beer cans and red cups, and get some free stuff! There are tons of awesome free Earth Day deals to take advantage of today. If you missed my previous post, here they are again, with a bunch of new ones!
If you sign up at RecycleBank, you can earn "points" for stuff like recycling and learning about how to be greener. You can then cash those in for prizes. Right now they have 3 coupons for Free stuff at McDonalds - oatmeal, a salad, a latte - and a BUNCH of other free coupons and stuff. Perfect for Earth Day!

Get a Free Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume from Victoria's Secret!

Treat yourself to a Free milkshake from Rally's and free pretzels on April 26th, and then some Free Garlic Fries. I hope you're hungry.

Bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to your local Disney store on April 22 and receive a FREE Disney reusable tote bag!

FREE Coffee at Starbucks when you bring in a reusable travel mug on April 22! More Details Here

FREE coffee from Caribou Coffee on Earth Day when you bring in a reuseable travel mug! More Details Here

From April 16 through April 24, the country celebrates National Park Week. Get free admission to all national parks this week! More Details Here

Bring in a skincare product to an Origins counter and get a FREE fullsized Origins cleanser! Click Here for Coupon

Lowe's is giving away Free Trees today! Click Here for Details

Free Milkshake from EVOS today! Click Here for Details


Edited to Add: I've picked up a few of these today! The lady at Origins was so sweet, she gave me both of the cleansers since I brought in 2 products (1 was mine, 1 was my boyfriends! He needs new facewash too.) They also had FREE Godiva Chocolates, so I was in heaven. These are worth $20 each, guys!! I'm psyched. I also got my Victoria's Secret sample. There are 2 different scents so I might go back another time to pick up the other one. I'm getting the Disney bags, and free Starbucks coffee later tonight! Omg, I am such a freebie dork. Here is a pic of what I got today:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

HauteLook aka Free Designer Clothing and Beauty Products!

A while back I wrote an entry on websites that sell designer and brand name clothing at drastically reduced prices during brief private sales, listing a few of my favorites. However, I didn't spend quite enough time raving about my #1 favorite site to purchase inexpensive clothing/beauty products/everything on: I am obsessed with this site. Not just because they have awesome brands that I love with surprising frequency (some common ones are Juicy Couture, American Apparel, LORAC and Urban Decay) but because I get lots and lots of FREE stuff from HauteLook. Yes, FREE. See all those pictures on this post? They are all pictures of items I got 100% for FREE. So, how did I get so much free stuff - and more importantly, how can YOU get that much free stuff?

The answer is referrals. Because HauteLook is an invite-only site, everyone who signs up needs an invitation. For every invitation that YOU give out that is accepted, the new HauteLook member becomes your referral. When they make their first purchase on HauteLook, you get $10 in credits. You can then use that $10 just like real cash towards any items on the site (including shipping for your purchase!) making that $10 worth of FREE STUFF that you just got. Now, say you refer a bunch of your friends - say, 10 of them. 5 of them purchase something on HauteLook. Guess what? You just made $50. Go buy yourself a new outfit.

It didn't take me long to build up referrals, since I'm a fashion design major and LOTS of my friends are into beauty/makeup. According to HauteLook, I've received $460.00 in free credits and have $1,930.00 of credits waiting to happen once my referrals make that first purchase. (Seem like a lot? It is - I've been a member on the site for a couple of years, and tell EVERYONE about this site!) Some tips to get referrals: post your invite link on your Facebook.... frequently. Post every time there's a good sale. Post every time YOU purchase something, so people see how awesome it is and then sign up and purchase it themselves. Post it to your twitter. Post it on any and all other forms of social networking that you have, and then do it a couple more times for good measure.

As for the site and its products, it's super legit. Everything I've received from the site has been just as high quality as I expected. Their customer service is great: once they even comped me on the purchase of a tinted moisturizer I purchased because it was too light; another time, they refunded me the full price of a purchase plus a $20 credit because of a shipping error! I literally have purchased so much from them that I have their customer service number saved in my phone (sometimes shipping takes longer than expected, so I just call up and check on it). It's definetly a great site to get bargain prices on name brand, designer and high quality products and I absolutely recommend it. Plus - allow me to repeat - LOOK AT ALL THAT FREE STUFF. Also - the pictures don't depict EVERYTHING I've gotten free from HauteLook. I have other stuff that I didn't even take pictures of yet. To see some more pictures, visit The Broke Student Guide;s Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start earning some referrals! Click Here to Sign Up!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrate 4/20 and Earth Day with some FREE STUFF.

4/20 Deals
4/20 Only: Buy One Get One Free at QDOBA! More Details Here

Buy one get one free coupon for a Bacon Maple Sundae at Denny's. Hey, it's 420 .... why not? Click Here

Earth Day Freebies

Bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to your local Disney store on April 22 and receive a FREE Disney reusable tote bag!

FREE Coffee at Starbucks when you bring in a reusable travel mug on April 22! More Details Here

FREE coffee from Caribou Coffee on Earth Day when you bring in a reuseable travel mug! More Details Here

From April 16 through April 24, the country celebrates National Park Week. Get free admission to all national parks this week! More Details Here

Bring in a skincare product to an Origins counter and get a FREE fullsized Origins cleanser! Click Here for Coupon

Lowe's is giving away Free Trees today! Click Here for Details

Free Milkshake from EVOS today! Click Here for Details

Free Samples
Free Sample of Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Haircare. Click Here
Free Sample of Miralax. Click Here
Free Sample of Gold Bond Moisturizing Body Wash. Click Here (SOLD OUT)
Free Sample of Oxygen Botanicals. Click Here

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Extreme Couponing," and a simpler alternative

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about "Extreme Couponing" - mostly thanks to the TLC program of the same name. Essentially, this refers to individuals who collect coupons like it is their job, using them to get massive quantities of food for free or for almost nothing at all - like, say, $800 worth of food for $30. It has faced an awful lot of criticism (because after all, who really NEEDS $800 of food? Doesn't keeping it all seem a little bit selfish?) Personally, I do not practice "extreme couponing" or even mildly extreme couponing, and I am of the opinion that a decent amount of "Extreme Couponers" actually donate or gift a lot of their free food to charity, shelters and the like (or at least I hope so). However, much can be said for casual couponing, which I do practice!

What is casual couponing (aside from a phrase that I just made up)? I'll explain it via comparison. Extreme Couponers collect coupons obsessively, running around town picking up Sunday papers and, in one extremely extreme case, fishing them out of dumpsters; casual couponers, on the other hand, only collect coupons that they happen to stumble across during a normal day. In the case of college students, many casual couponers find coupons in the daily school paper, plastered over bulletin boards or stacked upon "FREE TAKE ONE" tables in dorms. Extreme couponers stock up coupons for one item until they can get that item for free, without regard to what the item is exactly; casual couponers only use coupons for things that they were already intending to purchase, and ignore coupons for things that are not already on their grocery list. Extreme couponers save hundreds of dollars on massive purchases of grocery items; casual couponers save maybe $10 or so per grocery trip on a perfectly normal, average amount of groceries.

Both forms of couponng have their merits, and both can save you money. To read up on couponing in all forms, I recommend this awesome site: Grocery Coupon Guide/. But since I am a casual couponer, and I find that extreme couponing takes endless amounts of extra time, organization and effort (something which we college students are short on, let's face it) I highly recommend taking the casual route. So how do you coupon casually? It's easy! Here are some steps to get you started:

1. If you see a coupon for an item you need, clip it out and put it into a folder or container of some sort. Do this every time you see a relevant coupon.
2. When you need to go grocery shopping, take your little collection of coupons with you to the grocery store.
3. Make sure what you are purchasing matches up with the coupons (the right brands, the right amounts etc) if you want to use those coupons.
4. At the cash register, present your coupons to the cashier.
5. Watch your savings rack up! Score!

It hardly takes any extra effort, and because you're only collecting coupons for items you already purchase, you don't even have to think much about it. (Extreme couponing, on the other hand, involves math. Ew.) If you want to take it a step up, try collecting coupons online - there are tons! You can certaintly find coupons for items that you regularly purchase. Where can you find those coupons?

○ Try looking at your local grocery stores' website. Some, like Kroger, have coupons that you can load onto your shoppper's club card to be automatically used during your next purchase!

○ Some couponing websites have coupon databases, such as or

○ Paid-To sites, such as MyPoints, SwagBucks, SendEarnings, and InboxDollars often have grocery coupons that you can print out - and as a bonus, you'll earn points/money on the site while you're saving money! (10 points per coupon at MyPoints and SwagBucks; $.10 at SendEarnings and InboxDollars). Please comment on the post with your email for an invite to MyPoints!

You can always write to your favorite food manufacturers to receive grocery coupons - that way you'll definitely have coupons for products you enjoy!

Have you had any success with couponing? Leave me a comment!

Friday, April 1, 2011

American Apparel FREE STUFF Sale, and Freebies of the Week

Today only, American Apparel is having an awesome sale with a bunch of FREE things. You'll need to pay shipping, but you can get up to 5 items COMPLETELY FREE. I tossed in some other stuff and didn't even have to pay shipping, and recieved $50 worth of stuff FREE. Use the promo code APRIL1ST and these links:
Secret April 1st Sale at American Apparel! Spend $10, get 5 items FREE.

More April 1st Freebies
-Free Google Chrome Finger Sweatbands. (Seriously, look at the picture - how awesome are these?)
-Free bag of Kettle Tias or tortilla chips: Earthfare
-Free piece of chocolate for entering sweepstakes
- FREE Mountain Dew today from Murphy USA! Print coupon
- Like the Eucerin Facebook page & get a free sample when you pledge to put your skin first.
- Like Degree Women on Facebook, click the Giveaway tab to get a free sample. Plus a chance to win a $1,000 Zappos gift card
- Free Breathe Right Nasal Strips
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