Monday, November 15, 2010

Get Free Groceries by Writing Companies

Everyone knows that shopping with coupons saves money. But imagine how much money you could save if everything in your cart was free with a manufacturer's coupon? You'd save a lot! And you might get to try out some new products that you previously couldn't afford or weren't interested in. But how in earth would you go about getting free product manufacturer's coupons?

The answer is this: writing companies and giving them feedback. Companies are eager to keep loyal customers or expand the products within a line that customers already purchase. That's why they are happy to send out free coupons, and sometimes even samples, just for writing them and complimenting them. (You can write and complain too, just be honest about your complaint!)

I'll tell you my first experience writing to companies. I came across a list online of companies that had responded favorably to compliments, and decided to try it myself. I had a friend's birthday coming up that I wanted to make really special but, being a poor college student, couldn't afford to buy much. So I wrote companies telling them what I liked about their product, sharing memories and stories that involved their product, or just telling them to keep up the good work. The month of What if these were all free?
my friend's birthday I got coupons for free items almost daily! I went and purchased them, and then gave them to my friend. He essentially got a birthday present each day for his entire birthday, at no cost to me! Sure, the presents were things like frozen meals and bottles of sauce, but hey, if you're anything like me, those things are welcome gifts in an apartment filled with pb&j and ramen. I also took him out for free meals at resteraunts - more on those birthday deals in a future post.
What do you have to lose? Give it a try yourself! Find a company you like, visit their website, and look for a little link that says "CONTACT US." It usually takes you to a form you can fill out, or you can even write the company by hand. Just be honest about the company you're writing to so that they can actually use your feedback. Here are some lists of companies to try:

- 5 A Day recap – Writing companies to receive coupons

- The $39 Expirament this one was done in 2006 so it's a little dated, but it's still a good account of what companies sent back products.

- How to Get Companies to Send Free Product Coupons this one has good tips for what to say, as well as a list of good companies to try.

- Coupon Forum Post this is a very long thread, but the first post has a long list of companies and what they sent.

Let me know what you receive! I'm writing a bunch for Christmas presents this year!!


  1. Well I found the post that I requested in my previous comment! Thanks for sharing this great information!

  2. No problem! I hope it works out for you! This is one of my favorite things to do when I want some free groceries.

  3. oh my God this is awesome.. i love your blog and you inspire me so much.. though i can't get many things because i live in pakistan and these offers are rarely international, they are for US and canada usually! but i am learning a lot, thanks to you! :)

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