Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to get everything free on your Birthday!!

Birthdays are special days. They are the days that it's OK to demand everyone to bend over and kiss your feet (or is that just me? no one else thinks that's OK? .... whatever.) At any rate, it's the day that it's OK to get everything for free. Yes, everything. Not just presents... breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, too. Even free lip gloss. Everything!

I've been a big fan of birthday freebies for years. It used to be that you just had to go into a restaurant and say it was your birthday for a free piece of cake and an embarrassing song. Nowadays, things are different. You just go online, sign some sort of form, and then you'll be emailed promotions and freebies on and leading up to your birthday.

So which companies offer birthday freebies? And more importantly, which ones are worth the time it takes to sign up for them? Here are my personal favorites.

Red Robin - Free burger on your birthday! Sign up here.
Moe's - Free entree on your birthday! Sign up for Moe's eWorld.
Cold Stone Creamery - Free ice cream treat on your birthday. Sign up here!
Aveda- Free gift, plus free sample coupon for signing up! Sign up here.
Buffalo Wild Wings - Free dessert on your birthday. Sign up here.
Qdoba- Buy one entree, get one free on your birthday. Sign up your Q-Card here.
Noodles & Co - Free noodle dish on your birthday. Sign up here.
Sonic - Free food on your birthday! Sign up for the Sonic Cruisers club.
Mimis - Free coupon on your birthday, and free breakfast for joining the eClub.
Sephora - Free lip glosses on your birthday. Sign up for Beauty Insiders.

There are so many birthday freebies! Here are some good lists to find even MORE:
1. Frugal Living list of Birthday Freebies
2. Birthday - you can search in your area for local freebies!
3. Hey It's list of Birthday Freebies

Happy birthday :)

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