Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paid-To Spotlight: Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper

For my first Paid-To site review, I'm going to start with Treaure Trooper. Treasure trooper is my favorite paid-to website- mostly because they've made me the most money! See those pictures? I've made almost $300. (And if you don't believe me, there's a 100+ page thread on the TT forums filled with "proof" pictures from members!) TT pays its members for surveys, "offers" such as signing up for newsletters or clicking through a series of advertisement links, cash shopping, and cash clicks. They also have an awesome referal program, so if you can get several of your other broke college student friends to sign up, you'll be making bank in no time. Click here to read Treasure Trooper's "How It Works" page.

Here's the rundown on TT.
When Do They Pay? They pay out the 15th of every month as long as your earnings are over $20.

How Do I Get My Money? You can choose to have your money directly deposited into a paypal account, or you can request a check by mail. Both options have worked for me.

Does it cost anything? Not at all. There is a 100% free offers page, and everything else but the cash shopping is completely free on the site.

Favorite Feature: I love the "Cash Clicks" section. You get paid .05 for each click, so depending on how many are available, you can make a little bit each day EASILY. The catch is that the Cash Clicks don't count towards your minimum $20 to pay out, but they DO get paid out after you hit $20 in offers, surveys or referral money. Referral money is my second favorite feature - sign up everyone you know, and check out TT's Tips on Getting Referrals . You'll earn 10% of their money, and another 5% of THEIR referral's money.

Tips: I have lots of tips for making the most out of TT. Go ahead and join TT so you can explore the site, the tips will make a lot more sense that way.

1. The Quarter Bin is filled with quick-approving offers worth .25. These offers never fail to approve for me, and they're pretty quick! Just enter your accurate information, keep pressing "no" and "skip" for something like 8 pages, then at the very last page, click on at least 2 offers. Just click on them - don't fill anything out, you don't need to in order to get credit. Within an hour you should be approved! They add up fast!

2. On the "Offers" page, search for keyword "email address." The offers typically say something like "Complete the entire survey using a UNIQUE & VALID email address and select 'Yes' to at least two offers in the registration path." First, open up a new email account to handle all the spam. Then, after entering your email address, keep clicking "skip" or "no, thanks" to move through the path without registering for anything. You have to choose "yes" to a couple, but you DO NOT have to actually REGISTER for them. Keep clicking "skip" or "no thanks" until you get to the very end (it should say "Thanks" or "Gold/Silver Offers" but you will not be able to continue any further) and then go and claim your offer. (note: after you do a few of these, clear your cookies to continue being approved, because sometimes they are all from the same site. Also, it's a good idea to create several different emails, because you may find that using the same email address for too many offers results in more non-approvals!)

3. The fun thing about treasure trooper isn't the free money - well, ok, that's fun too - but they have a whole bunch of bonus stuff too! For example, after each survey, you get to play a little game to win pearls, which can then later be cashed in for prizes. You can cash in pearls, coins and other goodies that you earn by doing offers in "Mabutu's hut." Click here to read a great guide to the items available in Mabutu's Hut! One item in Mabutu's hut reads "Get all 4 pieces of the map in order to go on the $100 treasure hunt!" You WANT to do this treasure hunt. Why? Because you get $100 for completing it - no ifs, ands or buts. It's not a drawing or a sweepstakes - EVERYONE who completes the treasure hunt, gets $100. There is a thread about it in the forum if you want to check it out. The catch is you'll need to complete 40 offers to purchase all 4 pieces of the treasure map (which I haven't actually completed yet, personally, so I don't know what else you'll need to do!) but heck, isn't it worth it for all that extra money?? $100 just for doing some fun little game and more offers, which get you money anyway. Win!!

4. You may notice that quite a few of the offers available reward with "Dragon Scales" instead of cash - or even "Arrowheads." This is a fun little feature involving raising, training and fighting dragons which you can then sell for money. If you want to get involved with the feature (and it's addictive!) select the "Dragons!" button on the right hand side of the home page and start playing around! You can exchange the "Arrowheads" using the "Currency Converter" in Mabutu's Hut to dragon scales, coins, etc. There's tons of fun extras to experiment with!

5. Qualifying for the surveys can be tricky. You don't necessarily want to bend the truth, but you also don't want to be locked out of the survey because you have no money to spend on their product. Be careful with what you put in the first few information-gathering pages of the survey. Also, every survey will ask you if anyone in your family works for a list of given industries. ALWAYS SAY NO. Answering yes to any of those options will AUTOMATICALLY disqualify you for the survey.

6. Treasure Trooper is on Facebook, and you want to be their friend. Why? First off, they post random status updates like "first 20 people to comment their favorite movie get $1." And yes - you really will get credited just for commenting. Also, the TT Facebook Application gives you a free slot machine spin every day. That's an extra easy, free chance to win a bunch of prizes including more money in your account. Make sure you add TT on facebook after you join up.

7. TT makes it easy for you to know which Offers are going to approve for you - it's posted right on the Offers page, in the left-hand sidebar. Some offers take a while to approve, or never approve at all, so try those first. Also, always make sure you are looking at "100% Free offers" unless you are willing to take a bit of a risk (prepaid Visa gift cards work well for non-free offers, in case you forget to cancel an automatic fee or the like.)

9. Have a question? Want ideas for getting referals? It's all available at the TT Forums, where members can post and share ideas with each other. They also have a lot of contests, so you will definitely want to sign up for the forums!

10. Make some money back this Holiday season by going through the TT "Cash Shopping" page and using their sponsor sites to buy gifts! You're going to go shopping anyway, why not earn some of it back?

Now that you know how to get the most cash out of the site, it's time to Join Treasure Trooper/!


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