Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Affordable Places to Get Brand/Designer Items

Northface. Sperry’s. Patagonia. Michael Kors. LL Bean Boots.
Just to name a few.

College campuses all across America have established an unofficial uniform made up of brand name items. Now I’m not saying that everyone’s wearing brand clothing, I’m just saying that you can’t walk past a group of people without seeing some sort of logo. And whether you buy into it or think you don’t want to wear it ‘because everyone else is’, you have to admit that deep down you want a pair of [insert item here] yourself.

The downside though is that they can be expensive. We are broke college kids after all. But luckily for us, there are  a few resources to get these goods for cheap.

 1.       The THRIFT STORE

Thrifting has become popular thanks to Macklemore’s hit song, and for good reason. You can find just about anything at a thrift store- including lightly worn designer goods! I myself have gotten two pairs of Sperry’s, a Banana Republic coat, and a Patagonia jacket for under $20- combined. A quick Google map search for ‘thrift store’ will help you locate nearby shops. Some of them even have membership cards or daily sales events, so watch out for those for extra savings.

2.       eBay

Watches, coats, jackets, jewelry- ebay’s got it all AND for about 60% off what you’d normall pay for. Just make sure you keep updated on the bids and double check the item description and return policies to avoid buyers remorse.

But if you’re not a fan of the second hand market, here are cheap options for NEW goods.


Usually when stores overbuy goods and can’t afford to keep them in store long enough to sell them, they send them out to stores like Items get quickly sold out, but you can get a new pair of Frye boots for about half the price you’d buy from them directly.

4.       Hautelook

Hautelook hosts ‘events’ which feature sales that last a few days. They have a few going on at a time and the categories range from clothing to housewares to accessories. You get to create a free account and they’ll send you emails letting you know of events (aka sales). They’ve had designers like Michael Kors and Hunter Boots for around $60!


Gilt is another events site which functions like Hautelook, but they have different items and categories. They’ve had FRYE, M Missoni, Gucci, and more. You’re best bet is to sign up for both of them to get the most options to save.


Don’t let your budget limit your style. With these options, you won’t have to!
My favorite paid-to site is Swagbucks. I earn at least $25 in Amazon Gift cards each and every month! Read more about Swagbucks in this entry. Want to know about new freebies, samples, deals and money-saving as soon as they happen? Follow The Broke Student's Guide on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
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