Friday, May 9, 2014

Paid-To Spotlight: Swagbucks

If you've read my blog for a while, you know by now that I am a huge fan of paid-to sites. Click here to read an overview about Paid-To Sites, and be sure to read the posts I've made about SendEarnings, TreasureTrooper, and MyPoints. Today I'm writing about a point-based site (much like MyPoints) that pays out in gift cards and rewards. Today's Paid-To Spotlight is Swagbucks!

Swagbucks has a lot of easy ways to earn "Swag Bucks," or points that are redeemable for gift cards and prizes in the "Swag Store." To the left is a screenshot of the list of options available for earning SwagBucks, nicknamed SB. Most of them are self explanatory. Here is a quick rundown of each:
- Coupons give you SB for printing and redeeming grocery coupons
- Daily Deals is essentially SB for shopping sponsored sales
- Daily Polls is a fun little poll for SwagBucks members to vote in every day for 1 easy SB
- Games is a place to play games and earn SB
- NOSO is a "No Obligation Special Offers" path that gives you 2SB daily just for clicking through it
- Search is a SwagBucks-sponsored search engine that pays SB randomly for using it to search (there is also a toolbar for this purpose). This is an excellent way to get easy SB - search at least once a day!
- Special Offers are offers from sponsors that you can complete for SB, such as watching advertisements, signing up for newsletters or even purchasing a free Netflix trial.
- Swagbucks TV has short ad-supported clips about various topics that pay you SB for watching them; you will get 3SB once you watch 10 videos! (You don't actually have to watch the entire video - it should credit in the first minute or so)
- Tasks are basically random un-skilled internet jobs that you complete for SB such as Image Searching certain objects, confirming addresses, identifying blurry pictures, or typing descriptions of images. You can complete as many as you like for SB.
- Trade In enables you to recycle various items (Cell phones, games & consoles and books) in exchange for SB
- Trusted Surveys are sponsored market research surveys that pay you SB for completing them. You receive 1 SB daily just for viewing your available surveys.
-Invite & Earn *NEW FEATURE ALERT* Gives you 1sb just for inviting someone from twitter, facebook or other social networking sites to join Swagbucks!

Of these, there are 5 that you can complete daily for quick SB.

1. Download the SwagBucks toolbar for your browser. Every day that you use the browser, you earn 1SB just for loading the toolbar.
2. Earn 1SB each day by voting in the Daily Poll
3. Earn 1SB just for checking the Trusted Survey dashboard each day
4. Earn 2SB daily by clicking through the NOSO - just keep clicking "next" or "skip offer" until you reach the end of the path to collect your 2SB.
5 . Earn 1SB Daily by inviting at least 1 person to join Swagbucks using the "Invite & Earn" feature.
Total: 6 SB per day, aka 180 SB per month!

If you do those every day - it takes about 10 seconds total - along with a couple of searches each day using the SwagBucks search engine, maybe a survey or 2 a month, watch a view video ads .... it adds up FAST and you'll start to see why SwagBucks is one of the top 5 most popular paid-
to sites. It takes 450SB to get one $5 Amazon Gift Card, and it took me 2 months exactly to reach that level doing basically the bare minimum with those 5 SB per day, plus about 5 referrals that I got through Facebook. Pro Tip: One of th e best ways to earn SB is using the Search feature - just type in search terms until you win! Searching can win you anywhere from 5-50 Swagbucks at once!

Oh, but I forgot one of the best features. Swag Codes. If you follow SwagBucks on Facebook and Twitter you will occasionally get codes worth SwagBucks - or links to their blog entries with codes worth SB. You can also find codes using the "Swidget" - on the right hand side of my blog! Click "Codes" to see if there is an active code. If you find a code - it typically looks something like "MadeUpSwagCodeX195" - copy and paste it into the "Enter your Swag Code" box on the homepage and click GIMME! They expire quickly, so get 'em while you can whenever you see them! There is usually one per day, and they are typically worth around 3-8 SB. So if you check online every day for those codes, you could get around another 150 SB per month. If you just completed a couple of offers and surveys on top of that, you could easily get a $5 Amazon Gift Card per month - MINIMUM. The average SB user, from what I've gleaned off their facebook page, typically earns a $5 Amazon Gift card every two weeks.

So... let's go down the checklist. Confirmed legit? Check. Easy to earn rewards with minimal effort? Check. Um.... that's all I need to be convinced! If you want to read more about the site and how to get the most out of it, click here:

Ok. Ready to join? Click here to sign up! See you there!


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