Thursday, April 21, 2011

HauteLook aka Free Designer Clothing and Beauty Products!

A while back I wrote an entry on websites that sell designer and brand name clothing at drastically reduced prices during brief private sales, listing a few of my favorites. However, I didn't spend quite enough time raving about my #1 favorite site to purchase inexpensive clothing/beauty products/everything on: I am obsessed with this site. Not just because they have awesome brands that I love with surprising frequency (some common ones are Juicy Couture, American Apparel, LORAC and Urban Decay) but because I get lots and lots of FREE stuff from HauteLook. Yes, FREE. See all those pictures on this post? They are all pictures of items I got 100% for FREE. So, how did I get so much free stuff - and more importantly, how can YOU get that much free stuff?

The answer is referrals. Because HauteLook is an invite-only site, everyone who signs up needs an invitation. For every invitation that YOU give out that is accepted, the new HauteLook member becomes your referral. When they make their first purchase on HauteLook, you get $10 in credits. You can then use that $10 just like real cash towards any items on the site (including shipping for your purchase!) making that $10 worth of FREE STUFF that you just got. Now, say you refer a bunch of your friends - say, 10 of them. 5 of them purchase something on HauteLook. Guess what? You just made $50. Go buy yourself a new outfit.

It didn't take me long to build up referrals, since I'm a fashion design major and LOTS of my friends are into beauty/makeup. According to HauteLook, I've received $460.00 in free credits and have $1,930.00 of credits waiting to happen once my referrals make that first purchase. (Seem like a lot? It is - I've been a member on the site for a couple of years, and tell EVERYONE about this site!) Some tips to get referrals: post your invite link on your Facebook.... frequently. Post every time there's a good sale. Post every time YOU purchase something, so people see how awesome it is and then sign up and purchase it themselves. Post it to your twitter. Post it on any and all other forms of social networking that you have, and then do it a couple more times for good measure.

As for the site and its products, it's super legit. Everything I've received from the site has been just as high quality as I expected. Their customer service is great: once they even comped me on the purchase of a tinted moisturizer I purchased because it was too light; another time, they refunded me the full price of a purchase plus a $20 credit because of a shipping error! I literally have purchased so much from them that I have their customer service number saved in my phone (sometimes shipping takes longer than expected, so I just call up and check on it). It's definetly a great site to get bargain prices on name brand, designer and high quality products and I absolutely recommend it. Plus - allow me to repeat - LOOK AT ALL THAT FREE STUFF. Also - the pictures don't depict EVERYTHING I've gotten free from HauteLook. I have other stuff that I didn't even take pictures of yet. To see some more pictures, visit The Broke Student Guide;s Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start earning some referrals! Click Here to Sign Up!

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