Monday, February 28, 2011

15 Best Freebies at Indiana University

The 15 Best Freebies at Indiana University
We all know that going to call-out meetings means a free meal. But aside from those 2 weeks at the beginning of the year where call-out meetings are plentiful, how can you get free stuff on campus? Read on.

1. The Kroger's on College Mall has a yummy Mediterranean bar with little cups and spoons for free unlimited sampling. Grocery shopping + free dinner, anyone? (If you're really cheap, this can double as a romantic date. Bring candles.)

2. The health center offers great freebies including free condoms, free consultation with a nutritionist, and free counseling sessions. Read more about IU health freebies here.

3. The SRSC fitness center is free to use for students. They also have free 2 hour parking and free group classes. Gyms cost $40/month on average, so take advantage of the state of the art facility as much as possible!

4. Career fairs are goldmines for freebies. Most booths have piles of promotional schwag intended to raise awareness about their company, so it's like you're doing them a favor by using their free water bottles, bags, pens, and highlighters. Also, any excuse you need to convince yourself to attend a career fair is a good one. (Is it just me, or are they terrifying events filled with judgement and rejection? Thank goodness there are freebies!)

5. Festivals and events at IU are rife with freebies. A good example is Collinsfest on April 16. Free burgers, chips, cookies, cotton candy, and snowcones? It's like all of your dreams come true. Another good one is the World's Fair in the fall, which has free food from every ethnic group represented on campus!

7. You can find free pens at almost every departmental office on campus. Free pens may sound boring, but when you no longer have to shell out $3 every couple of months on BICs, you'll thank me. Think of the things you could buy with $3: Starbucks. Booze. 'Nuff said.

8. There are free postcards at the entrance to the SOFA Gallery in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts. The postcards are typically prints of the art pieces currently on display. I have a collection of these decorating my apartment!

9. The Aver's Pizza van is a like mana from heaven to broke college students. If you find the van parked on campus (listen for the loudly blaring music) you will be given a free slice of delicious Aver's pizza, and frequently also a free cup and a free t-shirt. Last semester the van appeared Thursday afternoons outside of Ballantine, but it could pop up unannounced anywhere at any time, so keep an eye out and let all your friends know if you find it!

10. Print out your free Aveda sampler coupon and sign up to receive a free full-sized product on your birthday. Redeem these at Les Champs Elysees on 10th and College Ave.

11. Sign up for the Noodles & Company E-club and get a free meal on your birthday at the Kirkwood location.

12. Sign up for free frozen yogurt on your birthday at Campus Candy on Kirkwood. Keep your eyes peeled for free coffee and hot chocolate promotions from them as well, especially during finals week.

13. Stop by the Career Development Center for free resume and job search consultation. Boring, maybe... valuable? Incredibly.

14. Free Chipotle Burrito day! It's usually October 31st, but kept a tightly guarded secret until just before the actual day.

15. Free Denny's Grand Slam day! It's usually the day after the Super Bowl, but it's also kept a secret.

Tips for finding freebies and deals: look closely at bulletin boards, especially in dorms. They often advertise free events and offers. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around campus - you can find everything from the Aver's Pizza van to free pens and candy at booths in front of Ballantine, and so on. Inquire about promotional offers, birthday freebies and online clubs at your favorite local businesses or on their websites. And read this blog like it's your job!

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