Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Free Scores from July

Sorry for the lack of updates this past couple of weeks - I was visiting family. Next time I will write some blog entries in advance so it's not quite so obvious when I dissappear :( Oops! Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blog entry. As it is almost the last day of July (which, BY THE WAY, is also the day that the Broke Student Giveaway ends - have you entered yet?) I attempted to compile all of my freebies to take pictures of them. The following is the best representation I could manage of the freebies I got in July!

I got a ton of samples from my local Sephora - they are so, so generous with their samples! I just asked for "hair samples" and they gave me a zillion. I also was lucky enough to snag that full-sized Tide detergent sample, that's going to be super useful this semester! And I took a survey about Tom's Toothpaste that ended up sending me an entire free tube!

Some of the samples are representative of free gift cards- like that Fashion & Textiles Careers Guide and the 100% Pure Moisturizer, which I bought with about $40 worth of Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks. Not pictured at all are the $20 worth of Paypal gift cards from Swagbucks as well. I also received a $40 paypal check from TreasureTrooper ! Ahh, I love paid-to sites.

There are also some samples pictured which aren't redeemed yet - like the JIF Peanut Butter To Go cups, which I need to get from Target, or the McDonald's Free Ice Cream Cone reward which I purchased from Recyclebank (for only 100 credits, which takes NO time at all to earn!) And of course, there are also other samples that I couldn't take a picture of at all - like the free Noodles & Company salad plus a shirt worth 10 additional free salads! But hopefully you get the idea.

All of these samples were written about on the blog, so if you have yet to catch a Freebies and Deals of the Week post, keep your eyes peeled! I post every sample as I find it on my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


  1. How/Where do you get the magazines? I have a serious magazine addiction, but I hate paying the $4+ for them...

  2. There are a lot of them on Recyclebank for about 100 points each, and then a lot of them just pop up randomly, like that Runway magazine in the picture, which I posted about in a freebies and deals post when it came out a month or so ago. I've had Elle for a long time, not really sure why, and I got Glamour sometime this year. Last year I had Martha Stewart Living too. I just take advantage of them whenever they pop up. A lot of the time magazines have a minimum number of readers they must guarantee to advertisers, and if they don't get enough paid subscribers, they'll give them away free just to get those numbers up since the real money they make comes from ads and not people actually buying the magazine. So that's why there are a lot of free magazine subscriptions that pop up! I'll post them as soon as I learn about them, so keep your eyes peeled.


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