Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Mini-Entry

Ok, apology time. I haven't updated in a while. Sorry sorry sorry! I've been busy moving across the country and moving back into my dorm apartment at IU. Hopefully some of you are in the same boat and can understand! To make it up to you, I'm going to be making a massive, crazy awesome post in the next week about how to get EVERYTHING for free - from magazines to furniture to electronics to clothing, EVERYTHING. For those of you who are moving back onto campus right now, don't go to Target for your dorm supplies just yet - I'll have that post out really soon, and it's going to save you TONS of money.

For now, here's some good advice to hold you over: If you're in need of supplies for your dorm room/apartment, check out your school's classifieds and craigslist - not just to scour the offers, but to post a WANTED ad as well. Also, find your local Freecycle chapter and join it - you'll be amazed at people's generosity. The same is true if you're looking to get rid of stuff! Now is the BEST time to sell it, because everyone is looking to buy new stuff. Post everything you want to sell on your school's classifieds ads (IU's can be found on OneStart, for my fellow Hoosiers), Craigslist, and even Freecycle. (More about Freecycle in an upcoming post - for now, just try to google it and find a local one.)

And for those of you who remember my previous post about selling your textbooks, now is the BEST time to sell them! Read this post for more detailed information. I really recommend listing all of the textbooks you still have at the current price on Amazon. They should sell in the next few weeks.

Hope you're having a blast moving back onto campus! I know I am. If there are any Hoosiers who'd like to stop by and chat, feel free to hit me up! You can find The Broke Student's Guide on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


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