Thursday, June 9, 2011

Freebies and Deals of the Week!

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. As it is summer and I am suddenly blessed with enough free time to actually get a job, I went and got 3. Now I have no free time again. So things are basically back to normal, except I have a paltry income and thus one less thing to complain about. Yay summer! Now, back to free stuff and whatnot.

FREE Adidas Pack of Briefs or T-shirts at any Adidas Outlet: Print Coupon
FREE Tub-O-Towels Sample: Click Here
FREE Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel (aka foundation primer for us makeup addicts): Click Here
FREE Seoul Photography book from National Geographic: Click Here
FREE Shield Immunity Defense Booster: "Like" the Facebook Page
FREE stuff from Auto Zone ($5 off a $5+ purchase!) *Ends 6/9* Print Coupon
FREE Sample of Prilosec OTC Click Here
FREE Sample of Trilipiderm Moisture Retention Cream: Click Here
FREE Jack Daniels Custom Labels: Click Here
FREE Sample of Playtex Tampons or Wipes: Click Here
FREE Hot Fudge Cake from Shoney's: "Like" the Facebook Page
FREE Nescafe Taster's Choice Coffee Sample: Click Here
FREE Skittles from Quick Chek: "Like" the Facebook Page

FREE Movies from Blockbuster Express Kiosks - These codes expire June 13th!

Buy One, Get One FREE High Octane Energy Chews! Print Coupon
Get a FREE travel-sized product from Bath & Body Works with ANY purchase! (Hint: buy something under $2 for the best value!) Print Coupon

Get 80% off at, just enter code "DEAL" at checkout and pay only $2 for a $25 Certificate at a restaurant near you! TIP: Go through to get 5 points per dollar spent! Leave a comment or email me for an invitation to MyPoints!

And just as a brief reminder of why free stuff is awesome, here's a pic of some freebies I recieved in May (there is another pic at the beginning of the post! See that hands-free mobile headset? That's the one from this post - what a great freebie!)

What did you get in May? Comment below or on my Facebook Wall to share!

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