Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CVS Couponing Tutorial: FREE Honest Tea, Pringles and Twizzlers

So, okay. I know I said that Extreme Couponing takes too much effort, and I prefer Casual Couponing. But sometimes, very occasionally, the stars align and there are opportunities for even the mildest of couponers to obtain Extreme Coupon status, if just for one shopping trip.

That time has come.

Allow me to explain. See that picture? With all the tea and stuff? That's $16.92 worth of groceries from CVS that I got entirely for free. Now a couple of them aren't easy to duplicate - the Hershey's bar was a coupon from last week , and the Tostito's bag was free thanks to a manufacturer's coupon I received for writing to the company - but this week, even YOU, my coupon-clueless broke college student readers, can get 6 free Honest Teas, 1 Pringles can, and $2 worth of whatever you want for FREE from CVS.
Here's a quick tutorial.

1. Step one is the most time-consuming, but it's not too bad. First, join this site: Recyclebank. It's a site where you win points for learning about recycling and green, planet-friendly stuff and can cash in your points for goodies like coupons. In our case, we're cashing it in for free tea. You'll need to get 180 points. Go to "earn points" and start taking quizzes, doing pledges, etc. I earned 300 points in about an hour last night, so it shouldn't take super long.

2. Got those points? Time to cash them in! Go to "Get Rewards" and search for "Honest Tea." You'll need to buy 3 Honest Tea coupons with your points. Now, after checking out your coupons, COPY the URL of the coupon printing page, and PASTE it into a new browser. This will allow you to print your coupons twice - for a total of 6 coupons. Now you're all set!

3. Head to CVS. Make sure you have an Extra Care card. If you don't, sign up ASAP. Once inside CVS, head to the ~Magical Coupon Machine~ (Apparently this is actually what it's called, it's just a red scanny machine thingy that prints coupons) and scan your Extra Care card. It should print you out 3 coupons - one for Twizzlers, one for Dove, and one for Pringles on-the-go. If it doesn't print that for you, no big deal, you'll still get free tea and something else for $2.

4. Grab 6 Honest Teas. The Orange Mango ones weren't part of the deal at my local CVS, so make sure the ones you grabbed are marked "5/$5.00." Also if you got the Pringles coupon, go ahead and grab that can of Pringles On-The-Go. They're $1.00 this week!

5. When you go to purchase your Honest Tea, it will print you out a $2 "Extra Care Buck" that is just like getting $2 cash for anything in the store! Here's an idea: if you also got that Twizzler's coupon, stack your $2 ECB with your $1 off Twizzler's coupon for FREE Twizzlers! Or how about a couple 2-liters of Coke? They're only $.79 this week. Enjoy!


  1. I was going to ask you to write about this earlier, because a supermarket just finished a double coupon (coupons double to 1.98) and if you shop smart you can get a lot of stuff for free.

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