Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Dorm Deals for Under $10

A big part of being a broke college student is, well, being broke.
But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on some great dorm gear, especially if it's at a pretty good price!
I've rounded up 5 items that'll help you get through the year, and the best part is that they're all under $10!

1. Kikkerland USB Hubman - $9.99
A great accessory for your laptop,  the USB Hubman provides extra USB ports for in your room or on the go. That allows you to plug in your hardrive, iPod, phone, and others at the same time, saving both time and space. Plus, he's just darn cute.

2. 72 Pocket Hanging Organizer - $8.45 + shipping
This item is a great way to organize, and I'd definitely recommend investing in one. It can store all your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in a handy organizer that fits in perfectly to your closet. And considering most dorms (especially at VT) are smaller than jail cells, that's even more of a reason to buy.

3. Set of 10 Microwave Safe Containers - $5.99
Great for leftovers or just storage. The best part is that it's microwave safe, so hopefully you won't be starting any fires.

4. Two Desktop Cellphone Holders - $4.99
A great way to keep your phone safe!
I also want to metion that I lose my phone almost everday - I swear I'd  be JUST using it - so having these on my desk gives me a secure place to keep them. It also comes in a 2 pack, which could make for a great welcome/housewarming present for your room mate!

5. Table Top Ironing Board - $7.59
You'll definitely have dates, interviews, or both at one point in college, and you NEVER want to show up with a wrinkled shirt. A table top ironing board will get you looking slick in no time, and using almost no space.
Table not included.


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  2. Thanks bsbisht bisht! I have to give the credits to Lia, she started Broke Student Guide and set the standard for the quality of the posts! I appreciate your compliment and I hope our future posts will help you out as well.
    Thank you for reading!

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