Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Never Pay for Movie Rentals Again

You heard me! Gone are the days of Blockbuster and $4 movie rentals (though I admit I do miss browsing video stores). You can even consider Redbox fees to be history, because with these few tips you can definitely find movies at no cost!

Beleive it or not, libraries aren't just for taking out books. They're now offering CD's, workout videos, and even DVD's! The best part is that they're totally free, and you usually get to borrow them for a week or two, which is SO much better than paying a 1-day late charge. I've been able to rent out Mean Girls, The DaVinci code, and even the Godfather Trilogy from my library, so I'd definitely recommend visiting yours soon! Try to come visit on Monday because that's usually when people have returned their rentals from the weekend.

1. Red BoxEvery now and then, Redbox sends out codes that let you rent a movie for free. But because of social media, many people have access to codes that can be used anytime you visit. The rule is 1 code/credit card (which you still need to swipe incase of late charges), but if you have more than one card, then you can use the same code for each of them!
So three cards + one code = 3 free rentals.It's all about working with the system.
Here are some great sites that you can use to look up codes:
If you sign up for their program, they'll send you weekly rental codes!
Current and updated list of valid codes, check often!  Same as above, but some codes might show up at one and not the other, so I'd recommend getting on the list of both!

Just remember to return it my 9pm the next day or you'll end up paying the $1.20 fee!

2. YouTube

To rival popular movie companies like Netflix, YouTube launched their own movie program that let's you watch full length movies. The prices range from a dollar to $4 (the highest I've seen so far), but my favorite section is the 'Free Movies'. And these aren't just some crappy clips - I'm talking FREE, FULL LENGTH  MOVIES. They've got Big Daddy, Pineapple Express, as well as a few others that are worth checking out!

3. Your Local Library

Libraries aren't just for studying anymore (given that you've stepped into one lately..) Many now let you 'rent' CD's, workout videos, language learning programs, and even DVD's! Sometimes the selection isn't impressive, but I've been able to find Mean Girls, The Godfather Trilogy, as well as a few other popular titles, so it's all a matter of timing. I'd recommend going on Mondays and Tuesdays, which is when people have returned their movie rentals from the weekend. On top of being absolutely free, the other benefit is that you usually get to keep then for a week or two, which gives you plenty of time to rehearse those Mean Girls quotes.

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