Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Freebies I've Gotten Lately

I've been getting a decent amount of freebies lately because my 21st birthday is tomorrow (yay!) and I spent a few days last month writing companies for free coupons. (Check out my entries on how to get free things for birthdays and by writing companies!) Here are some of the freebies I've gotten lately, and how I've gotten them:

1. Free iPhone holder (that fits the iTouch 3!) from Sephora for downloading the free Sephora App. (Just download the App, walk into any Sephora and show it to them. They will give you either a iPhone 3 or 4 Sephora cover.)
2. Free eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara from Sephora for my birthday.
3. Free entree and free piece of cake from Mimi's Cafe for my birthday
4. Free scoop of Baskin Robbin's ice cream
5. Free entree from Noodles and Company for my birthday
6. Free Stash tea bags from writing the Stash Tea company and complimenting them.
7. Free Van's products for writing Van's and telling them I loved their waffles.
8. Free Clif Z-bars for writing Clif and telling them I love Z-bars.
9. Free White Castle burgers (6 total) for writing White Castle and complimenting them.
10. Free Jägermeister wifebeater and poster for writing Jägermeister and telling them it was my 21st birthday.
11. Free Aveda sampler of Smooth Infusion products. Get the coupon here.
12. Free Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for my birthday.
13. Free package of Lofthouse cookies for my birthday from Lofthouse Cookies. I wrote them a compliment letter.

Hopefully I'll have more soon - and I'll try to get pictures of the stuff I have received as well!


  1. My boyfriends birthday is coming up and he loves Jägermeister!! How did you write to them? Should i use the contact link on there homepage?


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